About Us

Our community recognizes that as the world becomes more connected through economic policies, political strategies, business partnerships and social networks, our youth must be better prepared to understand and communicate with people from different cultures. Learning another language is key to success in a global society.



We aim to develop children in an environment that is safe, neat and clean while providing lots of love .  The overall goal of our center is to encourage, development and a positive self-image for every child. We want to help children become comfortable interacting in societies that speak English and Spanish by immersing them in the language, culture and environment.

We are a fast growing Child Care center since 2016 with three locations and a fourth one to be open soon in Fall 2019. Top Kids Bilingual Preschool first open their doors in June, 2016 in our South Tampa, FL location with a License of 4o kids, now this same location is growing every year and is now a large center. Follow by our second location in Riverview, FL that open doors in August, 2017 with license of 3o kids, but now serve a community of 135 kids and growing. Our most recent location open doors July ,2019 in New Port Richey, FL serving a community of 56 kids. At the moment we are opening our fourth location in Caddo Mills Texas with a state of the art center opening in fall 2019.

Meet our Team


Mrs. Keila

Executive Director 

Mr. G

Director, Business Operations

Mrs. Falina

Business Operations of Texas

Mrs. Yanina


South Tampa FL Location

Mrs. Norma


Riverview FL Location

Mrs. Zobeida


East Tampa FL Location